Business Spells

Business spells are designed for those that own or want to own business and also those managing business. This is the fast and most effective path for success in real life for business men and women all over the world. I cast business spells online, effective business spells and powerful business spells. With my business spells I have different kinds of magic that can work for your business effectively.

  • Business Blessing Spell

business spells

I cast this spell for both new and old businesses to give your business a rightful direction and also make your business plans work out as planned. You can cast this spell with the following ingredients 6 pieces of tiger eye, a green candle, and fresh 6 springs or leaves of dill, basil and pine, green cloth and heavy black marker or paint.

How to cast a business blessing spell

Lay out your green cloth and draw a large circle on it using a marker. Set the pieces of tiger eye evenly around the circle. Then draw a dollar symbol in the center then set up your candles and light them. Proceed by thinking about your business and focus your thoughts on having it succeed. Set a basil leaf on each of the pieces of tiger eye and say out the following out loud. Courage, strength, creativity, integrity, hard work, vision. Let the candle burn out and leave the stones and herbs out for one week. After that gathers up the corners of the cloth and let everything fall in to the center then tie up the top and leave this bundle some place significant for your business.

  • Business Spell For Customer Attraction

spell to attract customers

Do you want new customers and also make the old one’s always come back to you? Well then this business spell for customer attraction is the back bone for any kind of business that you are involved in. it’s a spell that should be performed at your place of business such that it can attract new customers and also keep the current ones stick with you.

  • Business Tender Spells

business tender spells

I understand how important business tender spells are in the real world for business because all my business clients recognize tenders as the gate way towards a successful business. But imagine how many legally operating businesses are in your country or in the whole world looking for tenders just like you. With this high competition for these tenders it’s what makes my business tenders very important for you and you will never go wrong at any one time. I cast these spells before you submit for your tender, before you apply for your tender and even after you have applied for your tender. I have made many businesses using my tender spells as their foundation and today they are booming business that everyone desires to own or buy shares in. under my business tender spells I cast different tender spells such as Spell to win government tenders, spell to win local tenders, spell to win international tenders. I use black magic and white magic to cast these spells so you don’t have to worry about your business anymore and you don’t need to corrupt any official only this spell is enough to make your dreams come true and it’s a secret that you need to use for success before your competitors do.