Someone can ask what is Horoscope?

Horoscope is an astrological chart, diagram or a picture of the planet representing the positions of the sun, sensitive angles, moon, plant and astrological aspects of the planet or earth during the time of birth of any person which differs from person at the time of an event such as the moment of a person’s birth. Horoscope is derived back from the Greeks meaning observer of time other people know horoscope as natal chart, celestial map, sky-map, astrological chart, chart wheel, cosmogram, Astro-chart, and chart can simply be used as a method of divination regarding events relating to the point of time it represents and it forms the basis of the horoscopic traditions of astrology.

Horoscope gives or elaborate details about the positive and negative aspect of life and personality by dividing the year into 12 months, horoscope also uses different methodologies to predict the hidden aspects of life and personality because horoscope is a specific zodiac sign with each sign distinct feature and qualities and can also determine a person’s fate.

HOROSCOPE often refers to an astrologer’s interpretation which usually based on a system of solar sun eclipse sign astrology and moon based on the time of birth or on the calendar significance event which is tied directly to the sun or moon and other aspects of solar system, allegedly based on a zodiacal placement of the sun and earth on the month of birth.

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